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Lithuanian women physicists: Current situation and involvement in gender projects NASA ADS

The Vilnius Quartet and the Rinkevičius Orchestra are well known throughout the country, and the Nekrošius Theater has won international acclaim. Folk music and dancing are the most popular performance arts, and there are thousands of folklore groups. Often schools and towns have their own groups that dress in traditional costume, travel, and perform or compete with groups from other locations. Attending theatrical and musical events is a reasonably priced and popular cultural activity. Chronicles of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania , a historical treatise, marks the beginning of the national literature. Works in the Middle Ages were primarily religious, the first in Lithuanian being Katekizmas . From the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, literature increased in popularity; Konstantinas Sirvydas printed the first Lithuanian language dictionary, and the Bible was translated into Lithuanian during that period.

  • To an outsider, a different dialect can sound like a completely different language and in some cases—particularly in border towns—may incorporate elements of the neighboring country’s language.
  • And many spend time in foreign countries studying or practicing their trade.
  • There is always something happening in Lithuanian cities – even small places like Trakai – and people take full advantage of these events.
  • Doctors make house calls, especially for older people and those living on the countryside.
  • Also, be curious about her own country because Lithuanians tend to be very patriotic and proud of their history.
  • Some of these legendary women are sublimated examples of heroic Lithuanian maidens.

It is said that some of these fighters remained in the forests until 1960, seven years after Stalin’s reign ended. The official language is Lithuanian, one of two remaining languages in the Baltic branch of the Indo-European languages. Dialects vary by region, and their distinctiveness often depends on the distance from the nearest big city or the proximity to borders, where incorporation of neighboring countries’ words is common. The language has survived despite a history of domination by foreign powers and serves as a focal point of cultural identity. In the United States, married Lithuanian women dropped the traditional -ienė ending and took the same surnames as their husbands.

“It is your children dying”: Lithuanian women appeal to Russian mothers to stop war

I’m not sure of the history, but my German relatives also arrived during the war. My Lithuanian, Polish, and German relatives settled in Detroit.

Legend holds that Midsummer’s Eve is a night for young people to find a mate, and finding a fern blossom is a sign of great luck. Women and girls make wreaths of flowers to be worn on their heads or floated down the river with candles. Celebrants dance around a campfire and jump over it to bid farewell to the cold season. The Day of Remembrance of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact find more at is celebrated on 23 August. Reestablishment of independence in 1991 led to the abandonment of the strict Soviet system of property and land allocation, and a need for new laws on restoration of ownership rights. There is has been a movement to accelerate the restoration process, clarify the property registration system and the role of government ministries therein, and develop a national strategy on property security and management.

When entering the names of your Lithuanian ancestors into your family tree, it’s common practice to convert the Latinized/Polonized versions of the name back to the Lithuanian forms. In many ways, it is a reversal of the Polonization process. In Polish language records, both the given name and surname were Polonized.

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Lithuanian Women Guide: What Are They Like & Dating Tips

It was Mindaugas and Morta who accepted Christianity for the Lithuanian nation in 1251. She died earlier than Mindaugas, the exact date being unknown. Funeral practices in Lithuania take place in three phases. First, the deceased is formally dressed and laid out for a three-day, three-night viewing either at home or in a public venue. Family and friends keep watch and ensure that candles stay lit as people come to bring flowers—always in even numbers—and pay their respects. This is followed by a burial ceremony at a cemetery , and a sitdown luncheon for all funeral attendants. The luncheon is a time for friends and family to share their memories of the deceased.

Male and Female Lithuanian Surnames[edit

1.1.1 Employed population below international poverty line. When the Kaiser’s armies occupied Lithuania in 1915 and the retreating Russians transported part of the population to Russia Proper, Lithuanian women faced adversity with patience and fortitude. With the fall of the Russian colossus during the March 1917 revolution, Lithuanian women in Russia organized in groups, in order to speed up their return to their homeland. In Moscow they formed the Lithuanian Women’s Freedom Union, with Ona Mašiotas as its suffragette-type chairman.

In the United States, it was common for women to go by the surnames of their fathers without the -tė ending. In Lithuania, males and females have slightly different surnames – they consist of the same surname stem or root, but end with various suffixes depending upon gender, and upon marital status for females. Jurga Ivanauskaitė was a Lithuanian prose writer, public figure, essayist, playwright and painter. She was born in Vilnius in 1964 and showed artistic aptitudes since she was very young. During her time as an art student, she was rebellious against the communist ideology, which she showed in her art works. She travelled across India and Tibet, which had a great impact in her work and led her to create essays and exhibitions about the subject. Her activism against Chinese government caused her arrest on many occasions.

As queen, princess, noblewoman, she distinguished herself in the Lithuania o f Kings and Grand Dukes. Centuries later, during the national renaissance, even as a simple farmer’s wife, she was seen asserting herself and helping to pave the way for the restoration of Lithuania’s independence. When independence came, with fresh energy she shouldered new duties and earned for herself new laurels in every field o f national life. Institutes of higher education play an important role in the development of the physical and social sciences and provide training and instruction for scientists.

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