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Essay / January 13, 2023

An essay on Hazrat Muhammad Mustafaa s a.w

The “lesser jihad” is the external striving for justice, in self-defense or against oppression. One can do this in one’s heart, with one’s tongue or pen, and, if these are ineffective, by forcibly trying to change an oppressive situation, similarly, for example, to the Allies in World War II who went to war against the aggression of Hitler. It should be noted, however, that violent revolution was often seen by classical scholars as the absolute last resort. The social chaos and mayhem that often ensue from overthrowing an oppressive leader were commonly viewed as much worse than the reign of an oppressor. Out of a total world population of around 1.8 billion Muslims, terrorists make up a tiny minority. A CNN article estimates the total number of members of Muslim terrorist groups as around .00625% of the world’s total Muslim population. Even if one assumes that there is a total number of Muslim terrorists several times that figure to account for “lone wolf” extremists and currently unknown groups, one still finds only a very tiny percentage of Muslims involved in terrorism or extremist violence.

Pilgrimage is practiced in Christianity and Judaism, as well as many other teachings. Since ancient times, there were many holy places considered by entire nations as miraculous properties where they worshipув, prayув, and made sacrifices . Nevertheless, Islam shows its uniqueness since it interprets pilgrimage in a different way comparing to most people. While for most believers pilgrimage is a voluntary action, it is a duty for Muslims. Hajj has particular importance for Muslims worldwide, as it occupies a crucial position in different forms of worship in Islamic religion.

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Islam’s primary message, as understood by the overwhelming majority of Muslims, is the continuation of the Abrahamic monotheistic tradition’s belief in one God. The three major dimensions of Islam essay commentary include beliefs, ritual practices, and the effort to improve one’s character and actions. There are six major beliefs in Islam and five central practices that are referred to as the Five Pillars.

descriptive essay about makkah

Tourism comes in the category of the largest industries ranking third after energy and manufacturing sectors and offers a new market area for expansion. The weather in Mecca was 105-degrees and the heat was a new experience for me.

Are there any examples of Muslim women rulers or leaders?

The Well of Zamzam is located about twenty meters away from the Kaaba. It was said that this was the site where the wife of the Prophet Ibrahim found water for her infant son. According to legend, the well was dug up by angel Jibril who caused the spring to appear. The name Zamzam comes from the phrase Zomë Zomë which literally means “stop flowing” in relation to the command that Hajar tried to issue to stop the spring water from flowing. This was also the site where tribes would frequent during their pilgrimage in order to settle disputes and settle debts as well as for other religious reasons. Aside from the historical considerations, the religious ties that are connected to the holiest place in Islam, the Kaaba, make it the center of any Muslim faith. The fact that the five pillars also require Muslims to visit this place makes it equally important for every Muslim to endeavor to visit this place at least once in their entire lifetime.

  1. We believe that the work we are doing at ING to increase religious and cultural literacy and promote engagement and understanding among Americans of diverse backgrounds is the best antidote for conflict.
  2. It was during that time that the rededication of the Kaaba took place and it became a center of worship.
  3. Women customarily wear a black outer cloak over their dress, which may well be modern in style.
  4. Today the Nation of Islam is in transition with some moving towards normative Islam while others still adhere to the movement’s original teachings.

Under the Ottoman sultans, Süleyman I (ruled 1520–1566) and Selim II (ruled 1566–74), the complex was heavily renovated. In 1631, the Kaaba and the surrounding mosque were entirely rebuilt after floods had demolished them in the previous year. This mosque, which is what exists today, is composed of a large open space with colonnades on four sides and with seven minarets, the largest number of any mosque in the world. At the center of this large plaza sits the Kaaba, as well as many other holy buildings and monuments. Saudi Arabia has a religious significance for being home to the renowned Holy Mosques.

The Colored Stones

In the year 64 Hijri, the Kaaba was destroyed by the army from Syria and it was rebuilt by Abbdullah ibn az-Zubayr . Abbdullah ibn az-Zubayr reconstructed the Kaaba and he used three pillars made of wood from the Auod tree to put the roof . Since the prophet Muhammad wanted a what is a bridge in an introduction paragraph Kaaba with two doors, the reconstructed Kaaba had two doors. The fact that the Kaaba was rebuilt on the foundation laid by the prophet Abraham and the prophet Ishmael meant that Hateem area was incorporated . Hateem is an area with semi circular walls and is near the Kaaba.

descriptive essay about makkah

One of these revolts was led by Husayn, Ali’s son and the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. Subsequent attempts to overthrow the Umayyads by another son of Ali and by others such as Abd ‘Allah ibn al-Zubayr, a grandson of the first caliph Abu Bakr, were unsuccessful until the Abbasid revolution in 750. While the Alids had supported the Abbasids, another branch of the Prophet’s family, believing that they would turn over rule to the Alid line, they were soon disappointed when the Abbasids claimed rule for themselves.

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It is the rite of the little pilgrimage that is called Umrah. Pilgrims enter the Masjid al-Haram barefoot on the right foot through the Gate of Peace (Bab al-Salam) and follow to the Black Stone . They kiss it or touch with hands, and then put their hands onto lips and eyes. At the end of the types of hooks for essays seventh circle, pilgrims come to the entrance to the Ka’bah, clung to it, raise their rights hands toward the entrance and say a prayer, asking for mercy and forgiveness of sins. After completing the circumambulation of the Ka’bah, pilgrims go to the plate of standing of Ibrahim and prayer.

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Hajj is the pilgrimage to the holy places of Makkah that is considered the only pillar of Islam. There are several types of pilgrimage, required ones such as Hajj al-Ifrad, Umrah , and al-Hajj tamattua, or a combination of these types (Hajj al-Cyrus). After Hajj, a Muslim receives an honorary title of Haji and the right to wear a green turban. Ḥaram Mosque, also called the Great Mosque, in which are situated the Kaaba and the sacred well of Zamzam. The compact built-up area around the mosque comprises the old city, which stretches to the north and southwest but is limited on the east and west by the nearby mountains. The main avenues are al-Muddaʿah and Sūq al-Layl to the north of the mosque and al-Sūq al-Ṣaghīr to the south.

Should I be afraid of anyone who is Muslim or from the Middle East?

Astudyby researchers from Georgia State University and the University of Alabama found that an attack perpetrated by a person who identifies as a Muslim receives on average four-and-a-half times more media coverage than an attack perpetrated by a non-Muslim. This means that a small fringe is seen as representing the entire Muslim community, painting all Muslims in a negative light.

  1. This process varied depending on the location and historical period.
  2. The Nation of Islam was revived within a few years by various individuals, with the organization headed by Louis Farrakhan which preserved the original teachings of Elijah Muhammad being the most prominent of these.
  3. The opposite ofhalalisharam, which means unlawful or prohibited.
  4. Even if one assumes that there is a total number of Muslim terrorists several times that figure to account for “lone wolf” extremists and currently unknown groups, one still finds only a very tiny percentage of Muslims involved in terrorism or extremist violence.
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  7. His teachings are not only for one Muslim but also for the whole universe.

However, there has been an improvement in the tourism facilities within Saudi Arabia in past few years, but these are not sufficient to satisfy the wealthier tourists. The insufficiency of tourists’ facilities as per the demands is largely because of the diversification of tourism facilities between the government and the private companies (Al-Thagafy, 1991 as cited in Perdue et al, 2004). Tourism has an important role to play in the economy of a country. Besides influencing the economy directly, it has many indirect and induced impacts of significance for the countries .

What is the Islamic view of divorce?

In some societies, there may be several days of celebration before or after the wedding. While Muslims greatly revere Jesus, Christmas is generally considered a Christian holiday and not a part of Muslim cultures except where there are Christian minorities. There is even debate among Muslims over the celebration of Muhammad’s birthday.

  1. The Well of Zamzam is located about twenty meters away from the Kaaba.
  2. In a short span he had played the role of father, husband, chief, warrior, friend and Prophet.
  3. And majority of the structure and interior structures such as the minbar and mihrab are all composed of white marble.
  4. Many Muslim women follow the normative ruling that the dress code for women in public includes covering everything except their face and hands.
  5. Despite his illness, Farrakhan is still leader of the organization as well as a well-known public figure with an often controversial style.

“The mountain resort city of Taif is located 5,600 ft above sea level in the southwest region of Saudi Arabia. Its pleasant climate, lush parks, sunny skies and exotic wildlife have lone drawn Saudi families to this resort town each summer” . Normally, Saudis visit nearby places for recreational purposes; however, spending holidays beginning words for sentences by the seaside has become an increasing demand among the well-to-do Saudis in the recent years. Towns like Abha are most visited by Saudis due to their pleasant climate during summers. The Gulf coast is dense with hotels and villas while many recreation facilities are being at towns like Al Qunfadah on the Red Sea .

Why did some Muslims respond with protest and violence against portrayals of Muhammad in cartoons and film?

In 1039 Hijri, the walls of the Kaaba fell down due to flooding . After the floods, all the walls apart from the one close to the black stone were destroyed. The construction of what is the controlling idea? the Kaaba started under the instruction of Sultan Murad . Doak contended that the Kaaba was constructed with approximately two thousand stones of different sizes and shapes.

This points to the fact that Islam, like all religions, does not live or speak apart from the people who practice it. There is, therefore, no monolithic Islam, since, like any other religion, Islam exists only as it is understood and practiced by its adherents. During the civil war between the caliph Abd al-Malik and Ibn Zubayr who controlled Mecca, the Kaaba was set on fire in 683 C.E. Reportedly, the Black Stone broke into three pieces and Ibn Zubayr reassembled it with silver.

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